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Digital delivery of images

Creating image selections

Shop function

Detailed statistics

Digital delivery of images

Different designs

You can choose between different gallery designs. Click here to find out more.

Organization in sub-galleries

Each ScrAppBook contains several galleries so you can group pictures together.

Image formats

You can upload JPGs, GIFs and PNGs up to a file size of 150 MB.

Creating image selections

Image selection

Your customer can easily select images and send them to you. When your customer is done, you will be notified by email.

Export image selections

With the export function you can quickly export the image names of selected images in order to use them in Lightroom or similar programs.


Your customers can communicate with you via the comment section. This allows you to know quickly which pictures need further processing.

Automatic content update

If you add, delete or change an image, your customer will always see the latest version displayed the next time he opens ScrAppBook.

Shop function

Sell photo products and files

Sell ​​professional photo products and files directly through your online galleries and increase your sales.

Automated billing and payment processing

Don’t worry about invoicing or payment processing! We take care of the processing of your orders so that you have more time for what you love.

Individual pricing and product selection

You decide which products you want to offer your customers at what price. So you always have full freedom of choice and flexibility.

Intuitive operation for your customer

The integrated print shop is simple and structured so that your customers can easily find their way around and order their favorite pictures as a photo product in next to no time.

Detailed statistics

Detailed gallery statistics

In the gallery statistics you can see exactly which actions have taken place in your gallery. The graph shows you the progress and the activity log gives you interesting details about user behavior in your gallery.

Innovative app function

App function

Your gallery can be installed as an app on an Apple or Android smartphone / tablet. Once the app has been installed, it is also (to a limited extent *) available offline.

App installation note

The app installation note makes it easy for your customer to save his gallery as an app. The app function can be switched on and off for each gallery.

Responsive cover picture

Choose a cover picture, especially for mobile devices, so that your online gallery cuts a particularly good figure on your smartphone.

Optimized web images

Your images are automatically scaled down for display in the app or in the browser to guarantee a fast loading time. We made sure that your pictures lose as little quality as possible and always look great!

Homescreen mit App


Unique design templates

Choose from our unique design templates in different styles and create beautiful galleries for your customers in no time at all.

Design templates can be individually adapted

You can customize our design templates so that they match your style and brand 100%. You can change the font and colors and show or hide decorative elements.

Different picture arrangements

In order to individualize your scrappbook galleries, you can choose between different picture arrangements and freely choose the distance between the pictures.

Maximum flexibility


Your customer has the option to share his entire ScrAppBook, just his favorites, each individual gallery or just a single picture. No matter what is shared by your customer, your logo and your contact information will always be displayed with it.

Mobile responsive

Your ScrAppBook look great on any device – even without the installation of the app. During development we paid attention to every size of screen, from the smartphone to the biggest monitors, to ensure quality throughout.

Different brands

Depending on the package you have booked, you can create different brands. This is useful if, for example, you offer wedding photography under a different logo than your baby photography.


The watermark can be placed in the form of text or logos on your pictures. You can create any number of watermark variants to protect your pictures.


It is possible to download all images, images of a particular sub-gallery, all favorites or just one single picture. The choice is left to the customer!


You can embed videos from other providers such as YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia and many more via the embed function.

Present your brand

Your contact details

Your contact details and social media channels will be displayed in prominent places in your scrappbook galleries. This makes it easy for your customer or viewer to reach you.

Attach your own domain

You can connect your own domain and get a free SSL-certificate from us. This way your customer does not know anything about us.

Your logo

Just like your contact information, your logo is also placed in prominent places, making your brand better known and your pictures which are directly related to it.


You can show an ad that alerts all of your customers that there is a special offer.


The security of your data is important to us

DSGVO compliant (AVV contract)

In order for our service to be DSGVO compliant for you, we will provide you with your own AVV contract. This gives us permission to process and manage your data.


We take the protection of your data and pictures very serious. The pictures are not freely available on the web and can only be displayed in the corresponding ScrAppBook.

Password protection

You can password protect your ScrAppBooks. Only those who know the password can then view the pictures. If the password gets entered incorrectly multiple times, access is automatically blocked for a period of time.

Download pin

The download pin protects your pictures against unwanted downloading. For example, this allows you to restrict the downloading of the images to one person, while all others are still allowed to view the images.

Good to know

Lightroom plugin

Export your images directly from Lightroom to scrappbook.

QR code

Instead of giving your customer a link, you can display a QR code. This can be printed on invitation cards or flyers, for example.

High-definition pictures

Your pictures are saved in the quality that you upload them in. This allows for your customer to be able to download the high-resolution files without you needing another service.

Analytics Connections

You can analyze the behavior of your ScrAppBook users by offering to link to Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel or Google Tag Manager. If you chose to do this, we will automatically display a cookie notice for the end user. Only after approval by the user, the user data is anonymously sent to your connected analysis tools.

Set-up wizard

The setup wizard will show you directly which steps are needed to create your first ScrAppBook. This way you are ready to send your first ScrAppBook only minutes after registering.


Should something be unclear or not work as desired, we are always here for you! Just write us a short e-mail, use the contact form or the help database to solve the problem.


ScrAppBook is provided ad-free for all offered packages, so that your customer can enjoy the pictures without interrupting commercials.

High availability

Our servers and services are 99.5% available for you.

* Offline functionality can not be guaranteed on iOS devices due to the operating system erasing offline data during irregular intervals.

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