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No. You can start with the free package and then upgrade when needed. 

No. You can use the free test package as long as you like. 

Additional video storage starts at 5€ per month: Check all packages.

You can pay via debit card (up to 500€), PayPal or credit card. 

The prices displayed here are net prices. The value added tax (VAT) is displayed for your country. 

Outside of Germany, you can also order net with a valid EU value added tax ID.

None - It is your responsibility to keep track of whether or not you have booked an annual or monthly package.

Of course! Any investment in software can be deducted from your tax return by 100%. As a result, you not only pay less taxes, but also revolutionize the delivery of your images. A win-win situation all around.

For all operating systems. Neither a download, nor an installation is necessary. You can use the software in any browser such as Facebook.

Yes! As a company founded in Germany (Europe), our offered service corresponds with the DSGVO. After signing up, you can complete a separate data processing agreement with us.

Yes. If you chose an annual agreement, we even send you a renewal reminder one week prior.

Yes! If you are currently still completing an apprenticeship to become a photographer or are currently working for a charitable organization, we can offer you more favorable terms. Please simply contact us and we will create a personalized offer for you.

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